Not So Yummy Thai

One month in Georgia and I finally feel like I’ve settled in. I found a nice little coffee shop in Rome, a few walking trails and I’ve gotten some call backs from places I’ve applied to. Yesterday Madison and I were cruising around Broad Street looking for somewhere to eat. Deciding where to eat usually is a process of her saying “I don’t care! You’re the picky one!” and me trying to convince her to choose (“It’s up to you! I’ll eat anything at this point!”)

Eventually, we both decide on Yummy Thai, a Thai place located on Broad Street with mostly good reviews. Continue reading “Not So Yummy Thai”

If I Had $1000000

I’ve been working at the Mohegan Sun casino as a cleaning attendant for almost six months. What the job entails is pretty much everything you’d expect a janitor to do, and morelike making sure the inventory is stocked or helping an elderly lady whose legs gave out back up from the floor. It wasn’t the awkwardness of lifting this 100 pound-some stranger up but the stench of her dirty diaper that made it difficult. Continue reading “If I Had $1000000”